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La Légendaire Jaffa

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La légende veut qu'Andromède soit la Princesse d'Ethiopie. Mais ce pays n'est pas le seul prétendant au Mythe ! En effet, d'aucuns disent que l'Ethiopie ancienne se situait en fait du côté de la Palestine, et que la capitale de Céphée serait en fait Jaffa, la vieille ville qui a aujourd'hui fusionné avec Tel-Aviv.

Ainsi un projet de construction d'hôtel prend-il le nom de 'Andromeda Hill' pour s'appuyer sur la légende... Il sera construit à l'emplacement clignotant.


La légende de Jaffa

The sea breeze sweeps over thousands of years of Mediterranean history and mythology. During most of its history, Jaffa was Israel's main port. This is where the ships of King Solomon sailed for Lebanon to bring the cedars that constructed the temple; this is where fishermen embark on their nightly jaunts to catch the sea food delicacies that are offered by Jaffa's prestigious restaurants; and this is where the new marina will harbor yachts on their seafaring voyages. Andromeda Hill to the north touches on old Jaffa with its picturesque, exotic alleyways. The hill overlooking the sea from the best place in Jaffa is named for Andromeda, beautiful daughter of of Cepheus, king of Jaffa and his lovely wife Cassiopeia. Greek mythology tells the story of how Andromeda was tied to a rock facing the city of Jaffa as a sacrifice to a sea monster, in the hope of appeasing Poseidon, the sea god. There she was found by Perseus, son of Dannae and Zeus, who saved her by beheading the monster, and married her in a splendid wedding. Andromeda became a symbol of awakening and renewal, and it is not by chance that the project was named "Andromeda Hill", expressing the rebirth of old Jaffa.


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Andromède au Quotidien Personnages & Lieux La Légendaire Jaffa

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