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     In that page I would like to give many thanks for a very special person, who give me so much Andromedas that this website is indebted to him : Doctor Mabuse ! I am very sorry for not writting everything in english, one day maybe..

     I also would like to thank Dr. Alexander Boguslawski from the Rollins College, for his precious help about the russian painter Venig. Go to his fantastic Russian Painting site.

     I also would like to cheer up Mr Bernard McCaffrey who gives me credits for the website.



Some of my files can be downloaded in Excel format (*.xls) to make the database easier to use.

                         arts00.xls Andromeda's Artists Database in Excel 2000 format MAIN REFERENCE
  arts.txt Andromeda's Artists Database in text format
  lieux.xls Fine Arts Location Database in Excel 97 format
  lieux.xls Timelne of artists in Excel 2000 format



     Here the time I spent on it :

                         • 1990 Beginning of the Andromeda Shrine
  • 1991 Type machine version
  • 1999 Spin off, creation of the Andromeda Art Gallery
  • 1999, Sept The Andromeda Shrine online - 50 fine arts
  • 2000, April Contact with Dr. Mabuse
  • 2000, Aug The Andromeda Art Gallery increases ! - 100 fine arts
  • 2001, May Contact with McCaffrey
  • 2001, June SEARCH GOOGLE add online
  • 2001, July from 5 to 9 chapters ! - 130 fine arts


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